December 3rd, 2007

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Answers: What's the difference between "nauseated" and "nauseous"?

Answer: What is the difference between "nauseated" and "nauseous"?
With examples from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Harry Potter.

It happens all the time: whether you're writing about an alien or a demon or a magic spell, or just an ordinary odor or taste that's supernaturally bad, you need to describe that special feeling you get when your stomach turns and you want to vomit. Nausea. We can all agree on its noun and verb forms: nausea is the feeling itself, and when we describe the action that the disgusting thing is performing to make you want to spew, we say "it nauseates me" (or "it nauseated me", if the nausea is, blessedly, over). But what about the adjective form? Do we say it is a "nauseating" thing, or a "nauseous" thing? And how do we describe the way it makes us feel: do we feel "nauseated" or "nauseous"?

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