June 23rd, 2009

M Grammar

Summer Plans

It's summer vacation for some of us grammarians so we're changing it up for the summer. Instead of answering the usual round of questions, this summer the Fandom Grammarians will be offering 2 new kinds of posts.

On alternating weeks you'll see:

Mondays: Commonly Confused Words
Wednesdays: Reference Posts

The Monday Commonly Confused Words will explain some words that are commonly confused because they have similar spellings, sounds, or meanings. The Fandom Grammarians will strive to help you gain ways to keep these confusing words straight!

The Wednesday Reference posts will provide resource recommendations that our very own Fandom Grammarians use! We'll include what information is available in the resource and some ways in which it is most useful.

This format will run from July 6 through September 28 when all of the Fandom Grammarians will return in full force to finish out 2009.

We're still accepting questions, so if you have a question to submit to the queue, please don't hesitate to ask it. Our normal question schedule will resume in October.