July 15th, 2009

typos are hell

Reference: Writers Inc

Writers Inc
Available at Barnes & Noble and other bookstores on- and off-line.

Description A straightforward grammar and style handbook.

Why is it Useful? Writers Inc a slender paperback full of useful information for an aspiring writer, or indeed anyone who needed to write anything...pretty much ever. I've pulled this book out countless times over the years, when I was working on my college essays and working on the perfect resume and cover letter.

My edition is over a decade old; I don't think I could use it for college essays any more (at least not without some supplementation), but the rest of the information is still invaluable, easy-to-read, and very clear. Whether you get this book new or used, you should definitely consider adding it to your library, especially if you don't want a book as formal and exhaustively detailed as a professional stylebook.

The table of contents is here, to give you an idea of the wealth of information that awaits!