January 31st, 2014

M Grammar

Friday Funnies: Lesser-Known Editing Symbols

Every editor has a wealth of efficient marks to communicate the types of editorial and layout changes that need to be made to a manuscript. But not all writers (or editors!) are familiar with all the marks that are out there—especially some of the infrequently-used marks. Thankfully Brian A. Klems and Eve Corbel are here to educate you about those marks with a few handy-dandy illustrations.

KlemsBlog-EditingSymbols1 KlemsBlog-EditingSymbols2 proof-marks_0

As a working editor, I can assure you, the coffee spill mark is real.

Brian A. Klems is responsible for Well-Known Editing Symbols and Lesser-Known Editing Symbols, whereas Eve Corbel is the creator of Lesser–Known Editing and Proofreading Marks.