November 24th, 2014

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EDITORIAL: "7 Grammar Rules You Should Really Pay Attention To"

I don't normally like the “x-number-of-things-that-you're-doing-wrong” articles that make up the side links of many a gossip site, but there's a certain charm in Ben Yagoda's 2013 “7 Grammar Rules You Should Really Pay Attention To.” In this article (which he wrote for TheWeek.Com), Yagoda uses a gentle but firm—not to mention cheeky—voice to address seven big grammar goofs that he often sees in professional writing. And we're not talking creative writing, either; we're talking employment applications, business letters, and opinion pieces meant to make an argument. In other words, places in which grammar faux pas such as lying books on a table or spinning through the air, Tommy swung the bat and hit the ball out of the park are a big No-No.

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