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Reference: Three Writing Articles

"Three Grammar Rules You Can (and Should) Break"
Michelle Pierce, Copyblogger

Description: A list of three grammar rules that never made all that much sense to begin with.

Why Is It Useful? A straightforward explanation of much-mocked rules about prepositions and splitting infinitives, including neat things like pop-culture examples. An ancestor to our own humble efforts?

Quote: Come on: “to go boldly where no man has gone before” just doesn’t have the same ring to it as “to boldly go.” If it sounds better to split the infinitive, then take an axe to it!

"5 Evergreen Editing Tips"
Maria Schneider, Editor Unleashed

Description: Five common mistakes that can easily be corrected in the editing phase.

Why Is It Useful? One would think that these mistakes (run-on sentences, modifier abuse) are simple mistakes to catch, but they're very common. Like the first article, this one lays them out in simple, easy-to-understand ways. This article is written by a professional editor.

Quote: Run-on sentences may seem deep and complex, but are often awkward and difficult to follow. Rewriting into two or three sentences will lead to better flow and readability.

"Follow These Rules for Stronger Writing"
Writer's Digest

Description: Thirteen tips for clean, efficient writing, both prose style and plotting.

Why Is It Useful? This article contains a variety of tips, as well as examples of incorrect and fixed sentences for the grammar and style ones.

Quote: The best prose has a rhythm to it. Honor that rhythm.
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