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Now Recruiting!

Think you’ve got the chops and the passion to explain the rules of English grammar to fandom writers and readers? Fill out an application to be a Fandom Grammarian!

Recruiting is open once again. We’re looking for up to 8 new grammarians to fill the ranks for 2012. No specific background is required as long as you have a passion for grammar and can write a thorough response to a question.

The Process Fill out an application and submit it either by commenting to this post (comments are screened) or by emailing fandomgrammar @ gmail.com. You'll receive an email that includes a choice of grammar questions soon after applying (usually within a day). Just like what the Fandom Grammarians do, applicants will write a response to answer a question. The current Fandom Grammarians will read the responses and select the new grammarians based off those answers.

Application Submit the application either by commenting or by emailing fandomgrammar @ gmail.com.

Primary LJ
Email Address
Experience (from school, work, or online including writing and beta/critique experience)

Cut and Paste Code:
<b>Primary LJ</b>
<b>Email Address</b>

Timeline Applications open on January 17 and close February 29. Questions will go out continually through the application process and responses are due by end of day February 29.

All applicants will be notified as to their status by March 20.

We really do need new grammarians, so if you think you have the time and the research skills, please submit an application!

Questions? If you have any questions about the process or about what we’re looking for in a Fandom Grammarian, please feel free to ask. All answers to questions will be unscreened.

Have grammar-friendly friends? Let them know we're recruiting:
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