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Foul-Mouth Friday: Creative cursing

Yes, boys and girls, it's that time again! Foul-mouth Friday!

This week, we're going to be looking at creative cursing. No, this isn't the fun and creative stuff that we discussed last week about Shakespearean cursing. This week, we're going to look into the idea of taking curse words and smashing them together or otherwise changing them to make new words. We'll also be looking at the creative use of words already in the English language for cursing purposes.
[With examples from Leverage & Christopher Titus' Love is Evol]

When it all boils down to the essence, this is pretty simple: creative ways of swearing, whether using actual curse words or not. Going a little more formally, we're also going to look at portmanteaus for swearing -- in other words, a combination of two or more words that blends the meanings of both words into a new word. Sounds like fun, doesn't it?

The most common of these creative curses tend to have stock curse words in them, particularly shit and fuck. The vast majority of these imply some level of stupidity.

Some of the shit variants have already been discussed very succinctly by aqua_crescent over here, but we're looking at things like shithead, dipshit, shitfaced, and that ilk.

"What kind of shithead would go out and get shitfaced the night before a major heist?" Eliot asked, staring at Hardison.

Looking to creative variations of fuck, which lady_ganesh covered over here, we mostly find things like fuckface, fucktard, bumblefuck, etc.

One of the more common of these around the internet, fucktard, commonly used to blend the phrase "fucking retard," indicates extreme willful stupidity, often with the intent to do harm. Similar terms include asshat and asshole, for the Americans, or arsehole, for the Brits.

Tara rolled her eyes and fought the urge to cuff Hardison upside the head for his constantly muttered, "Only a fucktard'd diss a brother like that," aimed squarely at Eliot.

Another commonly used and modified term is douchebag. Urban Dictionary's first definition of this word is "An individual who has an over-inflated sense of self worth, compounded by a low level of intellegence [sic], behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears." Some of its more common variants are douchenozzle and douchecanoe. In his show Love is Evol, Christopher Titus explains what he calls "The Douchebag Test."

All men have a douchebag test. It's pretty much the same across... I mean, because we can get along with any guys. If a guy walks up... Say a guy walks up and he's wearing the goofiest shoes you've ever seen, Crocs, maybe. And he has a tie on. But if you're supposed to hang out with the guy for a family dinner, and he walks up, and you go, "Dude, what's with the shoes?" If he goes, "These are my favorite shoes"? Douchebag! But if he goes, "These shoes? Well I'm going to wear them as long as you wear that shirt." Brother! That's the douchebag test.

Some of these words are further compounded by adding -ery to the end: asshattery, fucktardery.

"What kind of asshattery are you boys engaging in?" Tara demands, glaring at Eliot and Hardison. "Can you not simply apologize and get over it?"

And finally, there are the creative curses including genitalia. These are those fun words like dickhead, asshole, twatwaffle, pussy boy, pussy whipped, cock blocked, etc. These phrases can get quite explicit, and there are people who will not tolerate them at all.

"What the hell, Hardison?" Eliot demanded, shoving the other man. "You already got Parker, you don't need to be cock blocking me from getting a little."

In the end, basically you can combine a current swear word with almost any other word to create a new word to use. Even fucktards and asshats know how to do it.

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